Free Cash Back for Shopping Online

Free Cash Back for Shopping Online

I am always looking for ways to make or save money online. And, I’m always looking to shop online because I hate going to the store. Ebates has made this possible by giving me get free cash back for shopping online.

With Ebates you can still use coupon and promo codes with your purchase. This is not always to case with every cash back website.

Ebates has a relationship with over 2,000 stores online.  Some of those stores include Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom, Target, Expedia, and many, many more. I personally Ebates to book my air and hotel reservations through Expedia. What a way to save money!

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How Much Do You Make Driving for Lyft?

How Much Money Do You Make Driving for Lyft

I’ve have been driving for Lyft a while now and people often ask me how much money I make. This is kind of a tricky question. There is a rate card that Lyft provides that shows how much you make for every trip you accept. This is based on the area you drive in. For example, I live in the Los Angeles area I get $0.795 per mile plus $0.1275 per minute with a minimum rate of $2.625. There are also referral bonuses. These are bonuses you receive for every ride you give up to a predetermined amount. Use this Lyft Driver Signup Bonus Link to get a sign up to get a bonus of up to $825. For this example though, I’ll just use my average rate to figure how much you make driving for Lyft.

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